SHAMROCK’s mission is to be a positive and unique presence in the heart of Rolla! Our classes are designed to inspire and encourage our students in an atmosphere that promotes health and the exploration of our world through dance, movement, and music. Offering daily activities that enrich the mind, body and soul, we provide a wide variety of educational, cultural, and physical activities for members of all ages.


While we offer classic art forms, our center encourages artists to explore traditional definitions and forge new ideas! 

Welcome to our clan!

Owner - Director - Choreographer

Coming from a long line of performers, Alicia found the love of performing arts at an early age while watching her grandparents dance in their home ballroom studio. At 3 years old, she began her dance training in Independence, Missouri. As she grew older her dance training grew extensively. At the age of 13 she became an assistant dance instructor at Stars of Tomorrow Dance Studio in Humansville, Missouri -- and soon found her passion for teaching. At the young age of 14 she became co-owner of Stars of Tomorrow and within a couple of years she opened her first studio, Alicia’s Dance Academy. Her dancers performed and participated in dance events across the state for over 6 years. Her students entertained at many events and nation-wide dance competitions where they won top awards for their categories, including many top scoring choreographies, judges choice, and best of show. An unfortunate fire partially damaged the building where the studio was located in 2009, and because of the damage she was forced to close down her academy which she was so passionate about. But as they say, one door closes another will soon open!

Her husband soon transferred to Missouri S&T and the rest is history. After she moved to Rolla she began teaching at the performing art studio, andFLEW! Studios. She became the dance manager and leading mentor and choreographer of andFLEW’s dance company, andMOVE as well as the main instructor of many of the dance and fitness classes. When andFLEW closed it's doors in 2014, she continued teaching classes in her private home studio, The Centre, Womanspace, and at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, where she is a lead dance fitness instructor. Alicia is very passionate about the art of dance and enjoys her profession immensely. She is a sought out instructor and a popular entertainer who has been invited to instruct and perform across the country on many occasions.

The Shamrock World Dance & Movement Center opened it's doors in April 2017 and is dedicated to her late grandparents who gave her the spark and ambition to share her dance knowledge and love with the world.

"Alicia is a highly talented professional who not only excels in her art of dancing, but also with her interactions with clients and people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Her strong ability to interact, communicate, and motivate people cross culturally and generationally makes Alicia a superb professional. Her knowledge and excellence in dance spans many different styles and disciplines and brings a fresh attitude and energy to the classroom and performance hall. If you are looking for a supreme intercultural dance experience from a highly qualified professional, I highly recommend Alicia Smith."

- Rebecca Sabogal, Dance Enthusiast, Student, and Business Staff Analyst at Boeing Defense, Space & Security










1030 S. Bishop Ave.

Rolla, Missouri 65401



Tel: 573-647-0571


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